The lines of our palms

I can read by touch alone The lines furrowing across your palm, Like braille they tell the story of us through countless futures and myriad pasts, The notch beneath your … Continue reading

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The old codger

He walks through the market, A grumpy, defeated look on his face Eggplants were the cheapest, and his wife nagged him into buying them like she has for five decades … Continue reading

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कभी कभी मन मौन का जंगल हो जाता है यादें चीखती हैं सूखे पत्तों की तरह पीड़ाओं की हुंकार उठती है और व्याप्त निस्तब्धता में तुम्हारा न होना झींगुर की … Continue reading

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Carry on

Defeat lulls like winter’s chill Enervating the most aspiring soul But the coldest days are ephemeral, son, Kindle your heart with summers hope

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Words linger on my tongue, Rendered immobile under their weight, – A suffocating pause, a panicked swallow – They join the sickly pneumonic phlegm Of emotions unvoiced and thoughts unsaid … Continue reading

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  In dark corners, At lonesome hours, He yearns not for victory, But defeat bestowed in sympathy – deliverance from hope’s agony        

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I slept tonight in mother nature’s arms As she chimed through the lake a lullaby, I rested my head on her lap of grass, While she shifted the clouds to … Continue reading

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I walk away, Cradling words that had rapped on doors sealed And letters which sailed back from harbors closed, With ballads unvoiced for want of heed, And melancholy born of … Continue reading

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  I look, Into the vast void of the moonless sky, Brightened by spectres of departed stars I see, The sacred womb of existence, Remembered through incomprehensible distances, I stare, I fathom, I … Continue reading

September 7, 2017 · Leave a comment

Lunar Blessing

The moon waltzed in tonight in a curious merry mood, A gift, she explained, she would withhold yet And insisted on a diurnal account, She listened intently, as I complied, … Continue reading

July 22, 2017 · Leave a comment

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